Blue Stream Samsun - Ankara Natural Gas Pipeline

Client : Botas Petroleum Pipeline Corporation

Location : Samsun - Ankara / TURKEY

Construction, installation and commissioning of 500 kms, 48’’ dia. (API 5L GrX65) natural gas pipeline from Samsun to Ankara, which is known as “BLUE STREAM” pipeline. The project aims transportation of Russian natural gas to Mediterranean sea through Black Sea and Turkish distribution lines.

Besides the main pipeline below items are realised:

  • 7 ea 16’’ branch valves and 1500 class 16 billion m3/year capacity “pressure reducing and measurement” station,
  • 4 ea 48’’ pigging stations.,
  • 17 ea 48’’ line valves,
  • Excavation & backfilling of 500 kms, 48’’ dia., pipeline, Railway, highway and river crossings through the line via micro-tunnelling method,
  • NDT tests, hydraulic pressure tests and cathodic protection.

Start Date : 30.07.1999

Finish Date : 15.10.2002