Abu Zayyan-El Ruhebat Water Supply Project

Client : Man Made River Authority ( MMRA )

Consultant : IBK(Avusturya) - LTC(Libya) - PHS(Avusturya) JV

Designer : Halcrow UK

Location : Gharyan / Libya

The project is a design and build project with the purpose of supplying potable and irrigation water to Jebel Al Gharbi area near Tripoli City. The main line is GRP pipe with a length of 120 km. The diameter of pipes are between 800-2400 mm. The project supplies water to 10 towns and 38 villages. There are 2 water storage tanks, one 27.000 m³ capacity and the other 13.000 m³ capacity. There is also automation in the whole system. 

Start Date : 08.06.2006

Finish Date : 10.11.2010